Classical Education Book PhotoThe Classical model of education is organized around the Trivium.  The word Trivium means “the place where the three roads meet”.  These three roads are the ways that lead a student to wisdom and virtue. The three ways are:

Grammar-Learning to recognize symbols and patterns

Logic-Learning how to organize and to understand conceptual structures

Rhetoric-Learning to effectively communicate what one knows.

Nyansa students engage in activities that hone their understanding of grammar, logic and rhetoric so that they continually cultivate the art  and joy of learning.

The approach we use is language and literature intensive, gives great weight to the development of historical understanding, and is designed to strengthen critical thinking. Classical education demands self-discipline and produces literate, curious, intelligent students who have a wide variety of interests and abilities.  Nyansa students’ classical training trains them to be persons of faith who are able to think and judge wisely.